Krasnodar Research Institute of Fishery
FGUE the Krasnodar Research Institute of Fishery is the leading enterprise in the South of Russia specializing in freshwater fish-farming.

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  • Development and improvement of fish rearing technologies under conditions of aquaculture (pond, industrial, pasture fish farming).
  • Reproduction of Anadromous, Semi-Anadromous and fresh-water fish species; selecting and raising; introduction of new objects.
  • Developing of the effective feeds for dif-ferent fish species and different age groups.
  • Environmental control topics, estimation of economic activity-impact on fisheries; disease prevention and treatment of pond fish species.
  • Processing of fish production and not-fish objects of trade.
  • Projecting of fish-farms specializing in growing sturgeon fry, salmon, carp, her-bivorous fishes raising, spawning- breed-ing farms, fish-processing plants and other fishery objects
  • Scientific-methodical insurance of cultur-ing, processing and restoration of sea hy-drobionts natural populations
  • Instruction activity in fundamental teach-ing institutions of Kuban
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